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News - All cases to date of the Ebola Outbreak have been in the Northern Hemisphere

( UK, Europe, USA, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea & Nigeria)

No cases to date have occurred in the Southern Hemisphere (South Africa) - Dec 2014


Fully ELCAS Accredited for all our products (Centre Number 1603)

The Ronin™SA Difference

Driven by the principle of delivering excellence by choice, Ronin™SA committed itself to training quality Close Protection Operators & Remote Medics from it's inception in 2001. We have always held the view that a complete Close Protection Operator should have both tactical and medical competencies to honestly fullfil their Client's expectations.

This is based on the simple observation that a Client legitimately expects to stay alive in your presence, being protected from any threat, be it an attack, accident or personal medical emergency.

Ronin™SA therefore offers you the option to dual qualify for employment within the following market sectors:- 

  • Hostile Environment Close Protection
  • Corporate Close Protection
  • Maritime Security
  • National Health & Private Ambulance Services
  • Remote Site Medical Care